Why Does Turkey Invite Investors by Offering Citizenship?

When you are looking for opportunities available for obtaining the citizenship in another country, you will figure out that there’s an amazing option available for you to consider in Turkey. That’s because Turkey is inviting investors to invest in the country by offering them with Turkish citizenship. In fact, you will be able to get Turkish citizenship along with a Turkish passport, just as you were born in Turkey. This might sound too good to be true. That’s where you will come across the need to figure out why Turkey is offering citizenship to the investors. Keep on reading this article and you will be able to figure out solutions to the questions that you have in your mind.

What is the Turkish citizenship by investment program all about?

Turkey is a country that is striving to ensure its economic growth by attracting foreign investors. In order to make Turkey a compelling destination for attracting investments, it came up with a new program to offer investment opportunities for the people. You will be able to invest at least $250,000 within Turkey and obtain your citizenship. This is a real offer, and you don’t have to keep any doubts in mind as you go ahead. You will fall in love with all the amazing benefits that it would offer to you as well.

There are numerous approaches available for you to follow in order to secure your Turkish citizenship through an investment. Here are all those approaches that you can follow.

  • Turkish real estate investment

Investing in Turkish real estate market by purchasing a property that is worth above $250,000. You will have the freedom to purchase a residential property or commercial property. On the other hand, you will have the freedom to do anything as you wish to the property that you buy. For example, you can even buy a house and rent it. You just need to hold it for a duration of three years, and you will be able to sell it off. If you want to get more information about this, you may visit https://turkishcitizenshipinv.com/.

  • Depositing money in a Turkish bank

If you have $500,000 in cash, you will be able to deposit that amount in a Turkish bank account and obtain your Turkish citizenship. This is another appealing method available for the investors to get their Turkish passport. That’s because you will be able to get an exciting interest from the Turkish banks for the deposit that you made. You will only need to hold that for a period of three years.

  • Setting up a business in Turkey

Entrepreneurs who see business opportunities in Turkey will be able to go ahead and set up their businesses within the country as well. However, you will also need to make sure that your business can provide new job opportunities to at least 50 employees from Turkey. Then you will be provided with Turkish citizenship.

Even though these are the three most prominent methods available for you to get the Turkish citizenship, you should understand that there are few other options to consider as well. For example, you can go for a fixed asset investment in an entity, which is listed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. On the other hand, you can think about investing in the Government bonds for a period of three years. Then you will be able to receive an interest as well.

Pick the best investment opportunity and go ahead with it.